In 2016, I began travelling to different continents but it was while living in Sydney, Australia that my passion for coffee really began. My day could not start without my favourite shot of espresso from the local coffee shop.
It wasn’t until I came back to England for a short trip that I realised how difficult it was to find a good quality coffee.
Throughout my travels across Australia and Asia I became addicted to visiting coffee shops and experiencing the different tones available. I couldn’t ignore that in the UK, everyone was missing out on great coffee – it just seemed mad!
In Spring 2019 I decided to return to England and began my quest to blend beans which tasted similar to those I had experienced on my travels.
We’ve blended a wide variety of beans which create different tones; from fruity to floral, earthy to chocolate; each to suit an individual’s coffee palette.
Whether you are a business or simply a coffee enthusiast,
I hope you get as much pleasure drinking them as I have creating them.
Start your day the right way, start the Naked Barista way.